Snowgrippers can be used by themselves or in combination with traditional avalanche protection systems. When used by themselves, Snowgrippers perform safety-based technical tasks in all areas of protected forest redevelopment, re-forestation and protection of areas at risk from avalanches. 

When used in combination with traditional prevention barriers (steel snow bridges and snow nets) Snowgrippers prevent the unwanted filling up of the rows of the structures. Critical peripheral zones can be softened. Snow sliding is reduced to a minimum because of the permanent increase in ground composition caused by the presence of the Snowgripper. The result is that the load on the steel snow bridges and their anchors is reduced. 

This means that the protective function can be improved and extended. Expensive maintenance and new build costs can be calculated. By combining technical measures and re-forestation, Snowgripper can safeguard invested capital as a result of the higher probability of re-forestation being successful.

Snowgripper is available in 3 models:
Basic model, structural height 1000 mm
Large model, structural height 1250 mm
X-large model, structural height 1500 mm

Technical highlights

  • Single modules, flexible in use and adjustable to terrain formation.
  • Very long periods of use and multiple use are possible because of the aluminium design.
  • Lightweight design, max. 24 kg per Snowgripper (X large)
  • Little force needed for fitting
  • Minimum planning effort
  • Scientifically tested
  • Can be removed in the summer
  • Multifunctional ground attachment device for every conceivable type of anchor
  • Low fitting costs and only one central anchor
  • No kit, no pre-assembly.