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From the idea to implementation

Do you want to inspire your guests and make your destination a visitor magnet in the region? We can offer you all the skills that you require to develop a successful attraction in the area of tourism and adventure. There are many technically detailed areas between the initial idea and the realisation of your project. pronatour is your skilled and flexible partner in every matter ...

Tourism advice

Whatever the size of your budget, whatever the location and briefing — we have the necessary experience in successful adventure projects.

Feasibility studies 

In a feasibility study, we analyse the resources of your area and bring out its thematic strengths.


The concept phase is an important building block in the planning of a large-scale scheme: we work out aims, measures and strategies, as well as risks and opportunities for the project.


We focus on the quality of the experience all along the line: cleverly thought-out designs paired with sophisticated technology guarantee innovative solutions for our customers — from simple lecterns to spectacular viewing platforms.

Detailed planning

Detailed planning brings together the results of the feasibility study and the concept. The project is planned in detail, tailored to the location where the adventure is to be stage-set.


In-house production of elements for adventure trails and exhibitions, and collaboration with long-term business partners, guarantee a smooth production process.


A crucial benefit of our services lies in the fact that everything is provided under one roof.

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