Gallery Solux

The Sunkid SOLUX is an extraordinarily wind and weather-proof gallery in a special design. With its modular build, the SOLUX is suitable for many different uses. It can be used to protect sights, for escalators and stairs, as a starting house, on bridges and for many other areas where wind and weather protection is particularly relevant.

The Sunkid gallery is particularly perfect as weather protection for paths – crossings and everywhere where new space is needed, e.g. as a resting place alongside slopes, as a shelter in the children's skiing area or during events. 

Possible uses of the Sunkid gallery SOLUX

  • Events (trade fairs, concerts, fashion shows, etc.)
  • Gastronomy (chill out area, etc.)
  • Roofing over paths, bridges, etc.
  • Parking areas for motorcycles, bicycles, etc.
  • Roofing over escalators in the outdoor area
  • Resting zones, resting places
  • Vantage points
  • And many other options
  • Concept and production from a single source; quality made in Austria
  • Diverse design options: Wood and aluminium frames, lamination, different colouration, lighting, etc.
  • Quick setup and break-down in mobile design
  • Can be retrofitted via existing stairs, etc.
  • No foundations needed
  • Modular length: In steps of 2 metres
  • Heatable
  • Can be closed with doors or tarpaulins
Are you uncertain whether the Sunkid SOLUX would be suitable for your purposes as well? Contact us non-committally. We will gladly advise you!