Sunny Stuff

The Sunny Stuff program by Sunkid offers any number of options around the subjects of design of worlds of experience, aids and accessories for ski schools and mountain railways, outdoor wellness deckchairs and many others. Sunny Stuff can be used to design your children's skiing land, excursion destination or free-time offer according to your personal needs. You can have us develop an integrated concept coordinated with your needs.

Combine attractions and family rides with interactive figures and displays. Bring your skiing lessons to a new level with our specifically developed aids and training devices.


Snow V

Snow Brake Assist


Moves young and old and stimulates imagination!

Wellness deck chairs and cushions

Fuel up on sun and strength with the wellness deck chairs and seat paddings by Sunkid

Sunkid Fairyland

Once upon a time...

Entry arch & Toucan & Starting House

In winter or summer, on mountains or at lakes, for the skiing school or an event

Interactive Figures

Learning with fun

Five & Lines

5 five & lines intelligent sports equipment

Foam Figures

Weather-resistant figures and displays of foam material for winter and summer use

Skiing school aids

Developed together with and for skiing schools, to bring smiles to your customers' faces

Snow & Fun Park

Action and Fun in the snow