The Fantasticable attraction let you make a flight over the ground at a speed up to 120 km/h, without support of any instructor.

The installation consists usually of the starting zone, the finishing zone with brake catcher, carrying a rope stretched between the start and finish units, and a special suspension with a carriage that moves along the rope with people.

Technical highlights

  • The ratio between the length and height difference of 8% set at a length of up to 1000 m and 10% at a length of 1,500 m.

  • In the starting zone at the top station of the visitor fixed to the suspension, installed on the rope with a diameter of 22 mm. Start is from the site on which there are upper support rope.

  • In the finishing zone at the base station has a special braking system and the gathering place for visitors. In the braking system uses electrical installation capacity of not less than 6 kW, fed three-phase current.

  • Suspension and sag of the rope are calculated on the weight of visitors from 35 to 120 kg.

  • The area of ​​the lower station is 30m x 6m and the top station 5m x 4 m.