Ropeways System

Detachable Gondola Lifts

Up and away worldwide

Detachable Chairlifts

More capacity. Better ride. Greater safety.


Combined detachable chairlift and gondola lift

Fixed-Grip Chairlifts

The modern classic

Surface Lifts

Reliable and ideal for beginner slopes


Safe, reliable, fast and eco-friendly

Tricable and Bicable Gondola Lifts

Economical solution for demanding terrain

Aerial Tramways

The ultimate in availability, wind resistance and operating safety

Reversible Gondola Ropeways

A well-established and economically viable technology


Cable-drawn urban rail transportation systems

Material Ropeways

Rope-driven transport systems for material


Agudio Flyingbelt, technology with no barriers

Cable Cranes

Agudio cable cranes, performance and innovation

Special Installations

Agudio special installations, no limits to creativity

Ropeways Components

The Leitner Drive System

Perfect coordination between the engine and the frequency inverter

The Leitner Control System

Easy, intuitive, central

The Leitner Station

Variable modular design

The Leitner Garaging System

High level of variability, flexibility and adaptability

The Leitner Line

Safety all along the line