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Gazex® / Gazflex®

Real prevention

Fixed remote avalanche control system (RACS) based on exploding a propane/oxygen gas mixture inside an open metal tube.

This reference solution for preventive control consists of exploders (tubes) positioned in avalanche starting areas and connected by pipelines to a central gas unit (shelter or mini-shelter).

Functional ADVANTAGES : 

EFFICIENT: « for complete control »

  • Proven over 25 years in 18 countries.
  • Available 24 hours a day, regardless of weather conditions and without special preparation.
  • Various exploder sizes available to match the type and shape of the area to be controlled.
  • Completely self-contained (power and gas) throughout the winter season, with no limit to the number of shots.
  • The explosion occurs above the snowpack which is considered the most effective method.
  • Rapid implementation: 2 minutes per firing, including its confirmation by seismometer.

SAFE: « to control the risk »

  • No explosives to handle, no human intervention in the avalanche area to be made safe.
  • No management of unexploded charges (duds).
  • No limitation associated with storing or replacing consumables
  • System fully remotely operated, can be installed in very inaccessible sites.

SIMPLE: « for a profitable investment »

  • Readily available consumables (short and long term) at low cost (propane and oxygen).
  • Training and approval requirements are minimal due to lack of explosive use.
  • Complete range of systems, adaptable to the specific ground condition and morphology of the site.
  • No polluting residue produced by the explosion.

"With 24/7 availability and remote control operation, Gazex®/Gazflex® systems will ensure timely, effective avalanche control which reduces the likelihood of destructive avalanche events and allows the work to be conducted in a safe operating environment."

Technical highlights


  • 3 sizes with volumes and explosion capacities available: 0.8 m3, 1.5 m3 and 3 m3
  • 3 models available: Gazflex®, Gazex® Inertia and Gazex® Standard
  • Comprises a drum and an elbow, consisting of galvanized and painted steel
  • Supplied in heliportable modules weighing less than 750 kg

Central Gas Unit:

  • 2 models available :
      . Shelter: made of glass-fiber reinforced polyester resin without metal reinforcement, with thermal insulation between two skins
      . Mini-Shelter : made of laminated panels fastened to a metal-coated and painted steel frame
  • Self-contained power supply :
      . Electrically powered by 12 V, 100 Ah gel battery, recharged by regulator and solar panel
      . Other power supplies possible
  • Remotely operated by radio, GSM or GPRS link
  • Operated by Gazex® Manager software (manual control possible)
  • Qualified to –30°C
  • Integrated weather station (temperature, wind speed and direction)
  • Monitoring of pressure in the gas cylinders and battery voltage
  • Preventive maintenance integrated in the Gazex® Manager software
  • Seismometer confirmation of firing
  • Developed to comply with European CE Directive