NEVEPLAST - an innovative product designed to create additional en-route areas where lack of snow, as well as for the complete replacement of snow to allow for year-round skiing.

Adaptability to the surface: This problem is solved by using small modules covering (230h400 mm), equipped with quick-fixing. Such a solution makes the product extremely flexible and ensures perfect fixation on the surface of the coating.

This characteristic of the coating depends on the material used and the structure of napping. NEVEPLAST uses a mixture of plastic material with the addition of dry lubricants are safely glide.

Additional agents, additives allow domestic production to cover sliding on skis, even with minimal bias (slope of 8-10% can already ski run piping).

Resistance lateral slippage of skis:
Very low coefficient of adhesion to the surface of the material ski NEVEPLAST allows the skier to maintain a high speed even when edging. Exactly matched the stiffness and density of the pile can bend ski bends, providing a complete simulation of behavior ski on natural snow.

Securing the slope:
Application of material NEVEPLAST eliminates the risk of "burying" of skis in the snow and a sudden stop.

Ventilation holes in the base modules cover NEVEPLAST, in contrast to other materials, are very small. This prevents the ingress of fingers athlete, able to cause serious injury.

Properties of the coating material can NEVEPLAST put him on any surface (grass, cement and wood flooring)


Neveplast Tubby

Fun with Safety

Neveplast Snowtubes

Snow Tubing

Neveplast Minitubby

Minimum Space, Maximum Fun