Panther T16

The PANTHER T16 tracked carrier is widely used as a tool carrier (digger derricks, aerial devices, cranes, various drills) where ground conditions prohibit the use of a wheeled vehicle. It will allow the operator to complete the work in rugged terrain as well as anywhere low ground pressure and traction are needed. Equipped with the latest microcontroller technology, that monitors everything from oil pressure and vehicle parameters to outside air temperature, the PANTHER T16 is a reliable work tool backed by a powerful Tier 4 Final engine and enhanced safety features.

Technical data

Engine type / Emission standard Turbo diesel, electronic fuel system / EPA Tier 4 Final EU Stage IV
Power @ 2200 rpm / Torque @ 1400 rpm 205 kw (275 hp) / 1,257 N·m (927 lb·ft)
Payload 15,195kg (33,500 lb)
Maximum speed unloaded 12.5 km/h (7.8 mph)
Gradeability - Uphill & Downhill / Sidehill 60% (31°) / 40% (21.8°)
Ground pressure basic / loaded vehicle 129 g/cm² (1.83 psi) / 289 g/cm² (4.1psi)
Overall dimensions - mm (inches) Width: 3,112 mm (123 in) / Length: 7,935 mm (312 in) / Height: 2,871 mm (113 in)
Shipping weight 11,990 kg (26,433 lb)
Safety features ROPS & FOPS (option)
Track type D-Dent, hardened steel
Controls Microcontroller, steering wheel, progressive speed control
Cab configuration Narrow cab (1 person cabin)