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Recreation Parks

Adventure Parks

Mountec Corporation, in collaboration with the Swiss company 'Altitude Installation' is specialized in the construction, installation and development of tree-climbing, tunneling, via ferrata and other facilities with cable and all activities carried out at height.

Our excellent know how allow us to fully optimize our customer's construction projects:

Recreation Parks

Are you looking for a way to make your resort more attractive to visitors this summer?

If so, then the SunKid carpets are exactly what you are looking for. With this crazy new technology, you can offer your guests unlimited fun 365 days a year.

Broader and more attractive range of activities during the summer months.

Depending on the length of the object and how they are used extensively in the summer track can even pay for itself at the end of the season!

Matting is consistent sliding properties, allowing guests to easily control its speed.

Theme Parks

From the idea to implementation
Do you want to inspire your guests and make your destination a visitor magnet in the region? We can offer you all the skills that you require to develop a successful attraction in the area of tourism and adventure. There are many technically detailed areas between the initial idea and the realisation of your project. pronatour is your skilled and flexible partner in every matter ...

Tourism advice
Whatever the size of your budget, whatever the location and briefing — we have the necessary experience in successful adventure projects.

Kids Parks

We offer a broad product range for tourism regions, theme parks and worlds of experience. Our innovative solutions for person and goods transport now move millions of people from around the world.

With the Sunkid conveyor belt, we developed the first portable outdoor person conveyor in the world. Originally intended for use in alpine winter sports only, the quick benefits and possible uses even away from the slope became evident quickly. 

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