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Лыжные курорты

Global planning and studies for ski resorts

The general study of an area where of a station allows to guarantee a harmonious development of the infrastructures and various services that one meets in spaces tourist (access, carpark, hotels, second homes, trade, sports activities and cultural...)

Within the framework of these studies we intervene for:

  • to make an evaluation of the tourist potential and skiable area
  • to work out proposal and to define a project
  • to work out a master line for the assignment of the zones
  • to plan the sporting constructions and infrastructures
  • to plan the ski lifts and the ski pistes
  • to establish a budjet various elements
  • to take part and coordinate the completion of the work

Reorganization of existing ski resorts

In order to increase profits, many existing installations require to be reorganised.
With our know-how and experience, we can develop and propose innovative solutions to any developer or operating company.

Equipment of ski slopes

The optimisation of the equipment of ski slopes requires many factors to be taken into account. As a matter of fact, a well designed automatic snow production system is the key to an excellent quality of the ski runs as well as to an increase of their profitability.
With our know-how and experience, we can develop and propose astute technical solutions and coordinate the implementation thereof.