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Парки отдыха

Are you looking for a way to make your resort more attractive to visitors this summer?

If so, then the SunKid carpets are exactly what you are looking for. With this crazy new technology, you can offer your guests unlimited fun 365 days a year.

Broader and more attractive range of activities during the summer months.

Depending on the length of the object and how they are used extensively in the summer track can even pay for itself at the end of the season!

Matting is consistent sliding properties, allowing guests to easily control its speed.

Normal snowtubes with reinforced bottom are used at the facility in the summer, which allows for the same snowtubes, which will be used in the winter.

Thus, all the equipment can be used all year round.

Variable lengths of 1.25 (49.2'' c) section - modular design - the minimum recommended length of 25 m (80 'feet), the maximum recommended length of 200 m (650' ft)

Width: 2.00 m (78.7 in'')

Potential gradient of the slope, from 10% to 25%

Metal frame with raised side sections covered with artificial pokrytie.Matirovaniya was designed specifically for summer tubing and has similar properties to the real snow sliding.

Increased parties to move everything is rounded to eliminate the potential for cuts and other injuries

Main skeleton comes ready to use with artificial turf is already connected - all that remains to do is screw sections together! This allows quick and easy assembly and disassembly process.

Парки отдыха

Sunkid Conveyor Belt

Конвейерные ленты Sunkid

Оригинал с 1996 года

Галерея Solux

Разнообразный кровельный раствор со специальной конструкцией

Sunkid Lifts

Sunkid Ski Lifts

Технология, чтобы волноваться!

Sunny Stuff

Sunny аксессуары

Откройте для себя говорящих животных, пособия для лыжных школ, интерактивные фигуры и многое другое



Интерактивный открытый игровой опыт



Новая тенденция для горного лета

Dry Slopes

Сухие склоны

Зимние виды спорта 365 дней в году - даже без снега!



Cвободное веселое время летом и зимой

Family Rides

Семейные аттракционы

Походы и аттракционы для всей семьи



Приключения, наслаждайтесь природой и создавайте свой дизайн