Ventus 4.0

Power, Technology & Design

With the new Ventus 4.0, developed in close cooperation with the internationally known Pininfarina design studio, Demaclenko sets a new standard in snowmaking, presenting a distinctive product that really stands out from the crowd. 

Ventus 4.0 is the result of an analysis of form and performance leading to radical changes. a compact product to facilitate maintenance and service, with an outstanding kw/m³ ratio.

  • Best-in-class performance: Snow production up to 90 m³/h
  • 20 Kw power consumption
  • Futuristic design combining stylistic and functional aspects

Technical highlights

  • A compact zinc coated steel chassis, fitted with three steel legs and wheels
  • FRP (fiberglass composite) – barrel with aluminum fan
  • Aluminum nozzle ring
  • Stainless steel water nozzles and brass alloy nucleators
  • Manual or electrical rotation 360°
  • Barrel inclination adjustable manually or electrically between 0° and 45°
  • Self-draining valve unit with central water inlet
  • Oil-free compressor
  • New lighting concept
  • Forced ventilated temperature sensor
  • Easily accessible water filter
  • Wind chasing function available with snowVisual integration (valid for AT/ATK and AS/ASK)
  • Minimum noise level thanks to the new and fan

Automatic Functions

  • 7.0“ touch display to operate the machine including information on water temperature, pressure, throughput, snow quality, air temperature and humidity, energy consumption and statistical values
  • Additional control possibility via W-Lan with smartphone or tablet, operation with gloves in all temperature ranges
  • Error messages switch off the snow gun if required
  • Automatic rotation adjustable between 10° and 330°
  • User language can be chosen freely
Demaclenko control
  • Operation via WIFI integrated as a standard in all control units
  • Current monitored power outputs and lightning protection
  • Robust power electronics designed up to 480 V and 50Hz/60Hz
  • Possibility of comprehensive troubleshooting through remote diagnostics
  • Display of the current direction
  • Integrated interface for software update via Ethernet, WIFI or RS485

Technical data

Max. snow production 90 m³/h
Nominal power 20 kW
Max. water flow 9 l/s
Operation water flow 8-50 bar
Water filter 250 micron
Weight fan gun (incl.legs and cables) 690 kg