Rescue Trailer

  • Must-Have for first-class ski resorts and ski patrols
  • Newly developed for optimum protection of a injured person 
  • Complete solution including an extractable stretcher
  • Available for additional use with an Akja sled or Canadier sled

High-grade, completely equipped rescue trailer for snow-mobiles and quads. Optimum protection of the injured against snow-spray, wind and cold.

Maximum safety by two rollover bars and fixation belts with aluminum buckles.
Integrated, extractable stretcher with adjustable reclining area with thermo-insulation. Stretcher equipped with diagonal fixation belts for the upper part of the body and transverse belts for the hip and legs.

Additionally equipped with two ground anchorsfor fixation of the stretcher on snow or frosty underground.

Guiding profiles and quick-locks for easy loading of the injured on the stretcher.

Additional guiding profiles for optional loading of an Akja or Canadier rescue sledge (please specify your demand during ordering).

Cover manufactured from water- and wind-resistant PES fibre with large, cold-resistant clear-areas.

Cover could be opened by a large, framed zipper to easily handle the injured person.

Stable running properties through wide track, guiding runners and additional four fins.
Dampened suspension for a smooth ride of the injured.

For summer operation convertible to wheels (optional).