Cable Cranes

Agudio cable cranes, performance and innovation

Dams, quarries, viaducts.
It is where the other means of transport cannot reach that Agudio technology shows its superiority.

Agudio cable cranes are designed with a double track rope having reduced diameter, easier and faster to be installed and more stable during operation, also in adverse climate conditions. These systems are fitted with special slack carriers, an Agudio patented solution, hooked onto the track ropes as a support to the operating ropes along the line and providing fast traverse carriage speed in complete safe and smooth operating conditions, with a low roller and rope wear which would require costly system downtime for repairing or maintenance operations.

Agudio cable cranes, with loading capacity up to 50 ton, traverse speed up to 8 m/s and lifting speed up to 4 m/s, reflect the state of the art in this technological sector and make it possible to manage complex sites in a simple and advanced manner, with considerable advantages in terms of implementation costs and timing.