Detachable Gondola Lifts

Up and away worldwide

Detachable gondola lifts in use around the world

Detachable gondola lifts are monocable systems in which the vehicles are detached from the haul cable in the stations. The entry and exit areas of the gondola platform are traversed at lower speeds, enabling passengers to easily enter and leave the cabins. The entire system provides a very high transport capacity. Thanks to the design work by Pininfarina, the cabins are visually very appealing. LEITNER monocable gondolas are not just for winter use. Many systems in operation today transport passengers in a variety of different settings. As a convincing combination of innovative engineering and modern design, LEITNER gondola lifts are being deployed more and more often in urban transit systems.

Technical data

Capacity up to 4500 persons/hr.
Speed up to 6 m/s
Cabins up to 10 persons/cabin