Detachable Chairlifts

Success through continuous evolution

Quality awareness and a policy of ongoing innovation have ensured that LEITNER’s detachable chairlifts have always been state-of-the-art and have repeatedly set new standards for ride, design and economics. From the beginning, the basis for the successful design incorporated in all detachable chairlifts from LEITNER has been an uncompromising commitment to reliability and safety. Priority has also been given to cost-effective solutions. As a result, LEITNER chairlifts are the industry benchmark in the following respects:

  • robust and maintenance-friendly design for maximum safety and reliability
  • modular system for full flexibility in chairlift design and engineering
  • outstanding performance in terms of ride, capacity, profitability, etc.

Technical data

Transport capacity up to 4500 persons/hr.
Speed up to 6 m/s
Chair for 4, 6 and 8 persons