The Leitner Vehicles

Sit with comfort, ride with even more comfort.

When LEITNER design engineers develop a vehicle, ride comfort and convenience have top priority. Moreover, special attention is paid to achieving a high degree of wind resistance for all vehicles, particularly for cabins, since the availability of an installation is enormously important for our customers. All vehicles are in-house developments, designed and manufactured according to the latest European ropeway regulations and approved by a notified body. LEITNER offers the entire range of vehicles – from the fixed-grip 2-seater to the detachable 8-seater. Cabins of all sizes are manufactured by SIGMA in France.

The cabins have a unique place in the market thanks to their spacious design and large picture windows, which offer a panoramic view of the surrounding area.

Diamond Cabin

Diamond Cabin

Designed by Pininfarina, the innovative “Diamond” gondola offers a truly comfortable and enjoyable ride with maximum freedom of movement for 4 to 10 passengers.

Premium Extras

Premium Extras

In addition to the unique ride comfort that they offer, the chairs of LEITNER ropeways now also offer a variety of individually adjustable special features for customers.

The 3S carriage

The 3S carriage

Manufacturing technologies and precision components like those used in aircraft construction are the hallmark of the high technical standard of the new LEITNER 3S carriage.

The LPA grip

The LPA grip

A major contribution to safety is made by the extremely reliable grip with the “Made in Europe” label.

Diamond EVO

Diamond EVO cabin

Stylistic confidence in Pininfarina design, individuality thanks to the modular construction.

LEITNER premium chair

The LEITNER premium chair

Elegant genuine leather sport seats.

Comfort Chair

The LEITNER Comfort Chair

The LEITNER chairs – whether in the quad, or six- or eight-seater version – offer the ultimate in passenger comfort and are available as an option with seat heating.

Safety Systems

LEITNER Safety Systems and KidStop®

To avoid the dreaded scenario of a passenger falling out of the chair, LEITNER offers various safety systems.

Cabin Symphony

3S Cabin Symphony

The design and comfort of the cabin are reminiscent of the automotive world: advanced technology, aesthetics and functionality in equal measure.