The Leitner Station

Variable modular design

Through its individual integration into its natural environment, every ropeway station is unique. Finding the right balance between standardization and variability is therefore one of the key challenges when designing a ropeway station. The modular design of the LEITNER station meets these demands perfectly. In order to make boarding and deboarding of high-performance gondola lifts more comfortable, the station can be extended by up to 5 m. This not only provides more space but, first and foremost, more time for relaxed and convenient boarding. High-quality steel components, fire-resistant synthetic materials, a broad range of monitoring and safety features as well as a modern, attractive design complete the concept behind the LEITNER station.

The new LEITNER station

The New LEITNER Station

Top design meets functional handling.

The short LEITNER station

The Short LEITNER Station

The short LEITNER station is the perfect solution for chairlifts with little space available in the station area and/or for short detachable systems.

The long LEITNER station

The Long LEITNER Station

Comfortable boarding and deboarding even when there are very short time intervals between the vehicles.

The LEITNER middle station

The LEITNER Middle Station

Basically, the LEITNER middle station consists of two interconnected standard stations. The connection between the stations is adapted to the specific requirements of each project.

The LEITNER HCL station


While gondola lifts can easily be optimized in terms of boarding comfort by making the station longer, chairlifts require optimal coordination of the movements of the chair and the passenger in order to achieve the same result.

The LEITNER grip-coupling system

The LEITNER Grip-Coupling System

The EU ropeway directive stipulates that in the case of detachable systems, a falsely coupled vehicle must never be permitted to leave the station exit.

The Quick Switch

The Quick Switch

The quick switch allows steering the vehicles onto different tracks during ongoing operation without having to turn the ropeway off or having to reduce the operating speed.