The Leitner Control System

Innovative, safe and reliable

By combining our technological knowledge with the best industrial electronics products, we achieve an excellent performance in the automation of ropeway installations. The LEITNER control system is characterized by continuous networking of the entire facility with Industrial Ethernet and optical fibers as well as decentralized I/O peripheral devices. In interaction with high-performance LEITNER visualization technology, downtimes can be reduced to a minimum.

The innovative operating and monitoring system LeitControl offers all the benefits of web-based IT technologies. Remote diagnostics and remote maintenance via Internet as well as numerous LEITNER online services provide the best support for your staff to maintain the facility.


LeitControl is a completely novel, touch-control-based operational concept for ropeways.

Tele-Assistance and Mobile Control Panels

These simplify day-to-day activities, increase functionality and ensure availability.

Redundant Control System

Important ropeways must not stand still – this is where the redundant LEITNER control system comes into play.