Air/Water king

The VIS 4 represent DEMACLENKOs most powerful Lance or Air/water type snow gun. When activating all 15 nozzles you have an amazing snow output of up to 53,7 m³/h (1896 ft³/h) with the arctic nozzles and 10 meter lance. And still the power consumption is only 1 kW (1.3 Hp), on central air.

The VIS lance is made up of the base with lifting arm, the rod and the head. The difference between the VIS 4, VIS 2 and VIS 1 is the amount of nozzles available for you to activate.

In addition the VIS 4 can be delivered like a automatic, client or manual air/water  gun, with or without compressor, all depending on your needs.


The VIS-4A will make your snow production really easy to handle. Each lance has got its own software. Place the lance on the desired location, set it up – and you are good to go. A true stand-alone snow lance. It can also be connected to central control software, should you choose to expand.


With the VIS-4C you connect all lances to a centrally controlled system, and then you forget about them. They will run according to your settings and produce the desired snow when it´s optimal do to so. All status controls and updates on the system will be done centrally.


The VIS-4M is clean from all software and electronics. It was designed with simplicity in mind. Turn on the air and water and you are making snow. Everything is done by hand.