Adventure Parks

Mountec Corporation, in collaboration with the Swiss company 'Altitude Installation' is specialized in the construction, installation and development of tree-climbing, tunneling, via ferrata and other facilities with cable and all activities carried out at height.

Our excellent know how allow us to fully optimize our customer's construction projects:

  • Design using a minimum of staff
  • Optimizing manufacturing costs to a minimum maintenance
  • Compliance and minimal environmental impact

Our team consists of certified technicians and assemblers IRATA training recognized in over fifty countries. They all have extensive experience in aerial installation work and work for several years on building sites in Switzerland and abroad.

For all calculations and the security features we are working with engineers.

Mountec Corporation is working according to European rules and helping its customers to obtain required certifications. Several official trainers (SOA Swiss Outdoor Association) are part of our staff and can arrange training for your staff.

We also have a warehouse where we store equipment repair and rental.

We provide the material Petzl, Camp, Bornack, etc.


The Fantasticable attraction let you make a flight over the ground at a speed up to 120 km/h, without support of any instructor.

The installation consists usually of the starting zone, the finishing zone with brake catcher, carrying a rope stretched between the start and finish units, and a special suspension with a carriage that moves along the rope with people.

The ratio between the length and height difference of 8% set at a length of up to 1000 m and 10% at a length of 1,500 m.

In the starting zone at the top station of the visitor fixed to the suspension, installed on the rope with a diameter of 22 mm. Start is from the site on which there are upper support rope.

In the finishing zone at the base station has a special braking system and the gathering place for visitors. In the braking system uses electrical installation capacity of not less than 6 kW, fed three-phase current.

Suspension and sag of the rope are calculated on the weight of visitors from 35 to 120 kg.

The area of ​​the lower station is 30m x 6m and the top station 5m x 4 m.

Toboggan Run


Our Summer Toboggan Runs offer a thrilling ride in all weathers. The riders decide their speed. They are in control and therefore return again and again, to improve their performance. Not a short term fad!


Toboggans - firmly held on maintenance-free steel tubular rails - carry one or two riders as they whiz down the hillside. The supporting structure sits directly on the ground, firmly held in position with steel pegs. No foundations are needed. Rain shields and covers are available.


The rider controls acceleration and braking of the self-propelled Bobkart. These circuits are our Toboggan Runs for flat sites. Powered by 6HP electric motors, the two-seater Bobkart zooms along an all-welded stainless steel track, around steep curves, over jumps and waves, crossing bridges and through tunnels. The tight, intertwined track layout makes full use of the land. Can be located between, over or under other attractions on the site.


NEVEPLAST - an innovative product designed to create additional en-route areas where lack of snow, as well as for the complete replacement of snow to allow for year-round skiing.
Adaptability to the surface: This problem is solved by using small modules covering (230h400 mm), equipped with quick-fixing. Such a solution makes the product extremely flexible and ensures perfect fixation on the surface of the coating.
This characteristic of the coating depends on the material used and the structure of napping. NEVEPLAST uses a mixture of plastic material with the addition of dry lubricants are safely glide.
Additional agents, additives allow domestic production to cover sliding on skis, even with minimal bias (slope of 8-10% can already ski run piping). Resistance lateral slippage of skis:
Very low coefficient of adhesion to the surface of the material ski NEVEPLAST allows the skier to maintain a high speed even when edging. Exactly matched the stiffness and density of the pile can bend ski bends, providing a complete simulation of behavior ski on natural snow.
Securing the slope:
Application of material NEVEPLAST eliminates the risk of "burying" of skis in the snow and a sudden stop.
Ventilation holes in the base modules cover NEVEPLAST, in contrast to other materials, are very small. This prevents the ingress of fingers athlete, able to cause serious injury.
Properties of the coating material can NEVEPLAST put him on any surface (grass, cement and wood flooring)

Kids Parks

Are you looking for a way to make the resort more attractive to visitors in the summer?
If so, then in the summer of carpets SunKid exactly what you are looking for. With this crazy new technology, you can offer your guests unlimited fun 365 days a year.
Broader and more attractive range of activities during the summer months.
Depending on the length of the object and how they are used extensively in the summer track can even pay for itself at the end of the season!
Matting is consistent sliding properties, allowing guests to easily control its speed.
Normal snowtubes with reinforced bottom are used at the facility in the summer, which allows for the same snowtubes, which will be used in the winter.
Thus, all the equipment can be used all year round.
 Variable lengths of 1.25 (49.2'' c) section - modular design - the minimum recommended length of 25 m (80 'feet), the maximum recommended length of 200 m (650' ft)
Width: 2.00 m (78.7 in'')
Potential gradient of the slope, from 10% to 25%
Metal frame with raised side sections covered with artificial pokrytie.Matirovaniya was designed specifically for summer tubing and has similar properties to the real snow sliding.
Increased parties to move everything is rounded to eliminate the potential for cuts and other injuries
Main skeleton comes ready to use with artificial turf is already connected - all that remains to do is screw sections together! This allows quick and easy assembly and disassembly process.

Recreation Parks