Menzi Muck A91

Strong. Fast. Comfortable.

Choose power, mobility and maximum output. The A91 could not be better equipped. However, for us, it is the driver that ranks above all else, even technical sophistication.Every detail in the driver's cab is based on functionality, safety and comfort.

Basic data Menzi Muck A91

John Deere diesel engine 4 cylindres 104 Kw / 140 PS
governed to 2'000 rpm
Displacement 4'500 ccm
Electrical system 24 V
Battery capacity 2 x 95 Ah
Starter 7.2 kW
Maintenance intervals 500 h
Diesel fuel tank capacity 130 + 200 l
Hydraulic system Soziales Load Sensing
Working hydraulics 220 l/min.
Driving hydraulics 160 l/min.
Powerline 170 l/min.
Swivelling speed up to 10 t/min.

The Menzi Muck A91 is available in 3 different standard versions:

Menzi Muck A91 Mobile

The machine is driven via the two huge wheels (2-wheel drive). The wheels on the front stabilisers can be removed by hand in just a few easy stages. Speed: 0 8 km/h, optional high-speed version with second gear stage (tyre-specific) 0 15 km/h.

Menzi Muck A91 4x4

All-wheel drive. Variable track setting on front stabiliser wheels with 4 different positions within the range 2360 mm (minimum) to 3660 mm (maximum). Supplied with two-gear drive as standard: 1st gear 0 4 km/h, 2nd gear 0 10 km/h (will vary depending on tyres)

Menzi Muck A91 4x4 Plus

Version with 4 equally-dimensioned wheels. Front wheels with additional stub-axle steering for optimum manoeuvrability. Turning circle diameter: 14.5 m. Supplied with 2-gear drive as standard:

1st gear 0 4 km/h, 2nd gear 0 10 km/h (will vary depending on tyres) Optional hydr. mountain stabilisers incl. steel claws.

NEW: P-Matik

The 4x4 plus chassis is rounded out by the new patented "P-Matik" concept: the parallelogram holds the axis of the steered wheels – whatever their height and width adjustment – in a horizontal position at all times. Permanently vertical wheels, wider steering angle, lower ground pressure, increased traction, improved and consistent chassis clearance in any position.

Standard equipment

Engine control unit (ECU), patented Menzi Multi-Joystick, automatic parking brake, reserve fuel tank in the chassis, 2 hydraulic circuits on the boom, return line for impact hammer.


Hydraulic telescopic front stabilisers (A91 Mobile), luxury seat with air suspension, winch attachment including mounting, equipment for the hoist attachment, air conditioning, biodegradable hydraulic oil, automatic central lubricating system, particle filter, customer-specified paintwork, road attachments, high-speed version up to 15 km/h, hydraulic freewheel shifting of the drive wheels, hydr. mountain stabilisers (A91 4x4 Plus), custom-made devices, various tyre options.

Excavator, crane and forest booms

A variety of booms with maximum jib ranges of 8 to more than 14 metres can be supplied. Telescopic arms, parallel crane arms or multi-joint booms are used in accordance with the requirements of the task at hand.