BR 350

Bigger, Faster, Stronger – Slope Grooming with American Power

The BR 350 sets the standards in the grooming and maintenance of ski slopes: superior engine performance, top reliability, user-friendliness, and the highest levels of driver’s comfort and ergonomics. On top of that, the completely glass-enclosed driver cab offers optimal visibility at all times.

For the Highest Demands in Ski Slope Grooming.

Caterpillar power: A 355 hp Caterpillar 8.81 l turbo diesel engine with fully electronic engine management to get the job done quickly.

Driver’s cab – extras included: Electrically adjustable seat, hydraulic servomechanism, radio, satellite reception, high performance lighting system, etc.

Posiflex Tiller: Perfect ski slope preparation at high speeds.

Sherpa drum winch: Easy to operate, reliable, maintenance-friendly, automatically adjusts to the vehicle’s speed.

Clearing blade: High thrust even with low power usage.