BISON: It Puts More Fun in the Fun Park

Extremely agile, even on the steepest terrain. With BISON and BISON X, you will master the sharpest curves and most demanding jumps in any fun park. The maneuverability of the blade and the tiller makes it possible to construct refined shapes in the park. And the joystick-in-a-joystick system makes the simultaneous control of the most important functions a breeze.

That’s How Work Turns into Play in the Snow Park.

Extremely agile, even when it’s steep: Excellent relationship between engine performance and weight.

Greatest cab comfort: With the centrally located driver’s seat, excellent visibility of the entire working area. Low-noise, low-vibration driver’s cab designed by Pininfarina.

Joystick-in-a-joystick system: For maximum precision with minimum power usage.

Best ski slope quality and enormous thrust: Thanks to the PRINOTH® Power Tiller, Posiflex Tiller and the 12-way clearing blade.

Optimized operating costs: Stingy with the fuel consumption, economical with the maintenance.