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Access Solutions & Parking Systems

SKIDATA wins over clients around the world with solutions that are intuitive, easy to operate and highly secure. The integrated concepts of SKIDATA solutions help clients to effectively optimize performance and maximize profits.

Solution for Mountain Destinations

Everything for the Peak Experience

Speed up access and ticketing for your mountain destination with proven SKIDATA access solutions. Combine trouble-free business practices with maximum profit. And your customers? They enjoy fast and convenient access to sporting fun.

Tourist Destinations

Targeted Cooperation gives Wings to your Business

Different service providers in one region generally use their own systems, requiring separate investment and work. Why not enter into cooperative ventures that reduce costs and increase profits? Hotel keepers, local transit systems, recreational facilities, ski and bicycle rental shops and many other enterprises are a perfect complement to each other in the tourism business. Market all regional services jointly and make them available via a single guest pass. Customers will thank you by becomeing regulars.

Visitor Management in Stadiums and Arenas

FANtastic win with access control and parking space management

Visitor Management in Theme & Amusement Parks

The fun begins at the entrance with parking and access

Access to the fun is easy: right from the start, innovative access solutions by SKIDATA make visiting amusement and tourist attractions a relaxing experience – for operators and guests alike. Whether it is a theme park, water park, zoo or other amusement venue: SKIDATA provides rapid visitor access with high flexibility for customer-specific adaptations and open system interfaces.

Visitor Management for Trade Fairs and Exposition Centers

Measurable results with SKIDATA access management

Managing trade fairs requires experience, overview, solid nerves and perfect support of access and marketing. SKIDATA’s professional access management provides your visitors stress-free and rapid access to the trade fair center, flexibly adapted to your specific requirements.

Manage Parking Efficiently

Customized Parking Management

When it comes to professional parking management, international parking facility operators from Australia to Scandinavia rely upon SKIDATA’s expertise. Increase profits, reduce costs and improve your oversight. Employ high-quality SKIDATA systems for profitable parking system operation, customized for your requirements and designed for the greatest cost-effectiveness and return on investment.

Airport Parking

Parking Management by SKIDATA – Your Trip Starts Here!

"Smooth travel" is the magic word. Get a good start as a traveler – and benefit from many elegant service options: Reserve and pay for parking online, and find your space in the garage quickly and conveniently. By enabling customers to check in promptly at parking facilities, you can increase throughput and ensure that air travelers are happy and relaxed. With SKIDATA you can count on years of experience with airports of any size – from regional to international airports such as Hong Kong or London Heathrow.

Parking Solutions for Cities

Innovative parking solutions with Park & Ride concepts

Clear away all travel-related obstacles and enable your customers to experience city life the way it's meant to be lived. Your customers will find a welcome start in every city, beginning with convenient parking. SKIDATA has developed innovative systems for cities and municipalities that provide smooth interaction between flowing and stalled traffic.

Parking at Hotels, Hospitals and Public Buildings

Hassle-free parking

Your visitors want one thing above all: to get to where they are going. Provide them with the freedom to concentrate on the essentials instead of having to look for a parking space. From office buildings to international hotel chains, the complex requirements of a hospital to comprehensive solutions for universities – SKIDATA makes access management, parking and payment with personalized data media convenient and customer-friendly.

Парковочные решения для гостиниц и общественных зданий

Ваши гости хотят, в первую очередь, лишь одного: поскорее добраться! Дайте им возможность сконцентрироваться на самом главном, а не заставляйте их утомительно искать место на парковке. Идет ли речь об офисном здании или международной гостиничной сети, о соответствии специфическим требованиям больничных учреждений или комплексных системах для университетов - SKIDATA сделает управление пропуском, парковку и оплату с помощью персональных носителей информации более комфортными и дружественными для клиента.